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Historic Zoning Board

Historic Zoning Board


Jamie Russell, Bruce Knobloch, James Neeley, Dina Jackson, Joshua Gillespie

The historic districts in Harriman are distinctive areas, each with its own unique character. Each historic district is distinguished by its buildings, streets, parks and parkways, trees, architectural design and landscape features. Each district serves as a legacy, linking present and future generations with their heritage and providing diversity to the city’s appearance and character. Historic districts are valuable assets to the city and are indicative of healthy, vital neighborhoods occupied by residents proud of their neighborhood and its history. Development and investment that enhances the character and livability of Harriman’s historic districts are encouraged.

The City of Harriman established the Harriman Historic Zoning Commission (HHZC) by ordinance in 1990, granting the Commission powers of identifying and designating historic districts and drafting design review guidelines for rehabilitation of historic properties and for new construction with historic districts. The design review process requires property owners to obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) prior to the issuing of a building permit for such work. A COA application is available from the Building Department and should be submitted with a detailed description of proposed work. The property owner shall submit the application before the HHZC.